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Crocheted and Knit Jewelry and Accessories

Lindsay Streem Designs really began when I made my first doily for the 4-H fair back in Missouri. When I moved to Chicago for college I needed a winter hat and scarf so I picked up my hook. After many inquiries about where I got my hat I started selling at local art fairs. After college I started working at the specialty jewelry department at a Marshall Field's on State Street while working on my knitwear part time. I met a lot of local jewelry designers and they inspired me to start making my own jewelry including crochet pieces. I was selling on Ebay and found out about this cool new site called Etsy and everything changed.
I spent the next decade or so working full-time in big retail moving around in the visual merchandising and display world. I worked on my crochet part time designing and publishing patterns, honing my craft and doing a lot of flipping around without focus on my brand. I was selling like crazy at local events and local Chicago shops and didn't have much time to focus on my online shop.
2013 was the turning point for everything. I was pregnant with my son and driving back and forth from Chicago to Joplin, MO to help take care of my mother who was terminally ill. I lost my mom the next year and a few months after that found out that baby number two was on her way. This brings us to 2016 and I needed to seriously re-evaluate my business and if it was worth continuing. My husband had a job change and we picked up our life and moved to Florida the summer of 2016. The sunshine and warm weather have been good for the creative spirit because I've gotten a renewed focus and clear direction.
Staying home with two toddlers has given me a sense of focus, drive and organization. My business continues to grow each day and I'm looking forward to an exciting future!

Everything you find in my shop was designed and crafted by my own hands. I put many hours into designing patterns and researching the perfect textiles for each project. Each piece is made from quality materials with topnotch craftsmanship. Crocheted beads, tassels and other components are all made in house. Some knitting is done by machine and finished by hand.

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