Leather Petal Earrings in Black or Brown with Natural Stone Dangle

A little bit glam a little bit boho. Genuine leather petal in black or warm brown with a natural stone dangle.

Earrings dangle 1.75" on antique gold plated steel wires.

Stones available:

1- Dalmatian Jasper - creamy white with black spots

2 - Fancy Jasper - earthy greens, browns and deep reds

3 - Autumn Jasper - colors of Fall light green, orange, red

4 - Red Aventurine - creamy peach

5 - Brecciated Jasper - deep earthy red and brown

6 - Goldstone (manmade) - shimmery red copper

7 - Snowflake Jasper - brown with creamy swirls


All stones dangle from antique gold arrowhead pink with golden electroplated glass bead.


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